About Me!

Hey, so cool! You decided to look at this page. That’s nice of you.

Anyway, so hey there! I’m Ellie, I’m from northern Australia though I’m hoping to move south in 2014 for university! I’m very excited for it, though pretty nervous. So here’s some stuffs about me;

I’m fucking awesome.

Haha, I’m 17 as of 2013 but that means I’m almost an adult! ..uh-oh, not looking forward to that.

I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Misfits, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Seriously though.

Just graduated school this year and it was the best feeling in the entire world. It was so nice to have that graduation evening dedicated to my friends and I succeeding in twelve years of not only the academic side of school, but also every other single personal issue we faced. As an alliance, my friends and I dived straight into problems head-on, and I’ll always remember those times. But less corny stuff now..

I’m an aspiring author. I love writing. That’s all to it, and nobody can take that away from me.

I also love equestrian. Although I don’t own my own horse, I feel that my riding has improved so much over the past year. I could only just trot in March, and by the end of the year, I was flying over jumps (albeit only knee-high) and whizzing through the barrel racing and bending. Jumping is scary, but it feels like you’re flying. In that one moment, it is just you and your companion - the world stops for just a moment and everything is okay.

Secretly? I’ve always wanted to be an Olympic athlete in the show jumping and cross-country. I’d love to wear the Australian’s green and gold. Dressage never took my fancy as a child, though that’s because I never quite understood the true beauty and discipline it took to master. Now that I’m older and comfortable with riding, I love dressage - mostly the freestyle (this is one of my favourites).

I don’t know what else to write, so have a picture of a duck:

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