What is your Pottermore username (without numbers)?

On which day did you register?
Day 2

On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you about Pottermore?
Well, at first I was a ten, but now I’m about a 7 because I don’t want my hopes too high because the emails may take forever to come..

What do you think will be your favorite aspect of it?
Simple: just going to Hogwarts!!

Which house do you want to be sorted into? Why?
Ravenclaw, I have a sort of pull towards it.. It’s hard to explain.

Which of Harry Potter’s classmates do you best identify with?
Probably Ron, I’m sort of the best friend and I have a massive fear of spiders..

Are you pure-blood, half-bood or Muggle-born?
Half-blood, I think. My father’s side of the family is all very high and noble, much-like a pure-blood family - whether as my mum is not like that at all.

Do you aspire to be more like one of the Prefects or the Marauders? 
I am a Marauder at heart.

What would you do with the Marauder’s Map?
Prank people, or sneak outside when I’m not supposed to ;D

Where in Hogsmeade would you visit most often?
Either Zonkos, or Honeydukes :D

Would you enter your name into the Goblet of Fire?
Maybe, if I were old enough.

How would you try to beat the First, Second, and Third Tasks of the Triwizard Tournament?
First Task: Try various jinxes to try to temporarily paralyse the dragon, and then steal its egg.
Second Task: Bubble-head charm.
Third Task: Run around like a mad-man, using both offensive and defensive spells if needed.

Which Quidditch position would you most likely play?
Chaser. Definitely.

Would you join Dumbledore’s Army or the Inquisitorial Squad?
Dumbledore’s Army, I’m not an idiot.

Can you see the Thestrals?
I don’t think so

Who would be your favorite Hogwarts professor (to actually learn from)?
Professor Lupin because he seems like a fun teacher,
Professor Snape because ever since the first movie, I’ve loved him,
and lastly, Professor Dumbledore because he is so warm and kind, and seems very helpful.

Would you get invited to the Slug Club? Would you like to be?
I probably would be invited (as my father would have been in it), but I definitely would not like to be in it.

What does Amortentia smell like to you?
Honestly? I don’t know, I’ll smell it soon, though.

What would be your favorite Hogwarts class?
DADA, Potions and Transfiguration

Do you anticipate taking your N.E.W.T.s?
Not especially..

What career path(s) might you consider after leaving Hogwarts?
An auror probably, maybe a professor at Hogwarts.

Which of the Deathly Hallows would you treasure most?
The Cloak of Invisibility (PRANKING TIME!!)

What would you most want to do with Polyjuice Potion?
Terrible as it sounds, turn into other people and find out what others say about me, or get people I hate into trouble.. Bahahaha

Would you support S.P.E.W.?
Sure, but I’m not doing anything drastic.

Should non-humans and half-breeds be allowed to carry wands?
Depends on what breed they are..

Would you go home for the break between terms, or stay at Hogwarts?
Depends, if at least one or two of my friends stayed there, I would too.

What does your vault at Gringotts contain, if anything?
Savings, my acceptance letter to Hogwarts and a few other memorabilia things..

What do you think your wand type will be?
No idea.. A good one?

What will your Patronus be? Why?

A dingo, it is the wolf equivalent only it is Australian – which I am too. Dingos are both solitary and group animals who can adapt. 

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